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A virtual event on a mission to create a safe space where musicians from all over the world can meet, network, and create together.


What is the Songwriting Circle?

The Songwriting Circle is a global community of independent artists and other members of the music industry that meet up three times a month. It’s all about bringing creative people together to exchange ideas and uplift each other.

Who is organising the Songwriting Circle?

The Songwriting Circle is hosted by singer-songwriters Luna Keller, Ysabel BainAkso Heart & the founder of Indie Top 39 The Power of IndieDov Zavado.

What happens at the Songwriting Circle?

At 5 pm we meet in the lounge, there you can choose a table to join and meet people. At 6 pm we do a session introducing new members and giving you updates about the circle. At 6.30 pm we host an object writing session where we all get to create and exchange our results. After that, we all go back to the lounge where you can choose to join a table to chat, get feedback, or song-write.